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Workers' Compensation & Disability Management

Reduce Expense - Premium Savings

Workers' Compensation costs can be controlled by a diverse range of services offered by ALPS Services, Inc. From Case Management to Loss Prevention Programs, ALPS can help your company reduce Workers' Compensation expenses. See our full list of Workers' Compensation Services.

How Can ALPS Make a Difference for Your Organization?

ALPS workers' compensation program takes a Total Partnership Approach in meeting and exceeding quality expectations. It promotes medical and lost time cost control while ensuring quality medical care.

ALPS Has the Qualifications & Experience

Our key personnel is a team of highly skilled professionals averaging more than 20 years medical and workers' compensation experience.

ALPS Information Management System (AIMS)

ALPS Information Management System is designed to keep track of all information including reserves and claim payments. AIMS has the capability to provide a variety of reports. We can customize reports to address your areas of greatest concern and where claim and severity rates have been most frequent. Our system can assist in budgeting capabilities by forecasting losses and claims for the upcoming year. It can also help to develop a monetary allocation system based on exposures and loss data from various departments and explore alternative funding programs. Last, but most importantly, it will assist the implementation of an effective plan for loss prevention and premium reduction.




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