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Online Safety Training

How the Training Works

Step 1:  Trainee Logs on to the ALPS Online Training Site

Trainees can log on from any Internet connected computer directly to this site at Login to Online Training Now

Each trainee can log on using their ID number provided by ALPS:

Type in your TRAINEE ID:  
Type in your PASSWORD (If requested): Given to you by your Administrator.  Can be changed after access

Start Online Safety Training Menu Start Online Safety Training Menu
Safety Training Quick Links
Contact Us:
Phone: 1-800-522-5246
End Online Safety Training Menu
Step 1

NOTE: The first time a computer is used for Online Training, the "Player" must be installed. Instructions will appear if necessary. After installation if you get a "server not available" message just restart the browser and try to connect again. Some browsers just require a re-try. (sort of like a refresh).

If you cannot install the player for some reason contact Tech Support at 1-800-258-3837.

Step 2Step 2:  Assignment Screen & Course Selection

At the "Assignment Screen" each trainee can choose whatever course is assigned to them. Just click on the course to start training

After choosing a course you may get a second choice of versions of a course.  If you have a slow or poor internet connection choose "Modem" version.  If you prefer a course in Spanish choose it.

Step 3:  Click on a lesson

After you select a course, you are taken to a course menu. The course shown here is "Electrical Safety: NFPA 70E Arc Flash Training".

Step 4:  Watch & Participate

Next, the worker views lesson.
The lesson can feature "talking" graphic screens to present the information. Powerful learner controls are always available allowing the worker to repeat material, jump forward, access the glossary of terms, or use the topical index.

Step 5:  Answer questions

The system will test the knowledge of the student.  After the lesson, the system will ask you questions that can be randomly scrambled or pulled from question banks.  Each question is fully narrated to help your workers who might have poor reading or comprehension skills. Some students may ask for questions to be repeated. Others may skip the completion of a narration as soon as they're ready to answer the question. All reading and comprehension levels are addressed by the system

Step 6:  Review until Mastered

The system will automatically provide the Student with a review on the questions missed and keep reviewing until they prove mastery. It doesn’t just tell them that they missed the question, it goes back and replays or explains the material

 Learners can click on the History tab and get a complete history of every training program that they have ever taken on the system.

 Click on a course title and instantly print a certificate AND wallet card. This certificate will show qualifying continuing education credits (CEU's), as well as, display the accreditation stamp of IACET.

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