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1. We will perform in an equitable manner and in accordance with laws, regulations, and individual organization standards.

2. All information, including statistics, and personal ideas are held in strict confidence.

3. We will refrain from behaving in a manner that will adversely affect your oganization or ALPS.

4. We will avoid situations which could be construed as a conflict of interest.

5. We will not accept favorable treatment or other rewards which could affect our ability to be objective.

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Every course is based on a set of carefully defined learning objectives. These objectives become the foundation to the course. All of the presentation, interactions and evaluations tie-back to these learning objectives. These objectives each have their own mastery level because some concepts are more important than others. For example, learning objectives that absolutely must be mastered might have a mastery requirement of 100%, while "nice-to-know" objectives might only have a mastery level of 70%. During a course, we will be testing to make sure that the students have reached the minimal mastery level for every learning objective. With ALPS courses, you will have evidence that your workers have mastered specific learning objectives. We can certify mastery.

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Every ALPS course follows an ideal learning model.

This model includes all of the elements that should be a part of any instruction. These elements are:

Follow-up Review - The first thing a student sees when he/she returns to a course is a follow up review of the problem areas from their previous session in this course. This helps reinforce concepts that they showed a weakness in previously. It helps them transfer concepts to long term memory.

Pre-test - The system will give students an opportunity to test-out of material that they can demonstrate mastery on. This allows the student to speed up the training to fit their own learning pace. It will test them on all learning objectives and provide instruction on lessons that they can't prove mastery on

Lesson Presentation - ALPS courses uses full-motion video to present the content. Throughout the lessons are practice activities and interactions. While in the course, students have access to powerful student controls that let them control the pace and direction of the presentation.

Quiz & Review - The system will evaluate the student on all learning objectives and provide instant and specific remediation when they miss questions.

Review until Mastered - After the quiz, the system will focus on the missed questions and continually review until the student demonstrates mastery.

Student Records - The system tracks the progress of the student with a powerful record-keeping and reporting system that can be networked or even interfaced with other enterprise computer systems.

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