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Online Safety Training

We can provide your company with a complete safety training system and save your company money at the same time.

  • ASIST offers high quality, customizable and effective safety training that can be accessed by all employees through a computer. We offer one of the largest selections of courses related to safety training.
  • These courses can be assigned to all employees, new employees or any other grouping of your choice.
  • After the courses are assigned, the employee can take these courses whenever time allows, perhaps during downtime, or slow periods.
  • There is no trainer to hire; no company wide shutdown for training, just the employee and a computer is all that is needed.
  • Most courses are OSHA approved and accredited by IACET.
  • Core courses are also available in Spanish and French
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Don't Know What to Take
ALPS provides a comprehensive Course List online. Customers can click on any of the courses listed and get a detailed description and outline of that course. This will allow you to review course content before taking the course.
The ASIST platform will provide you with Broadcast Quality web training.
You will not have to sacrifice effectiveness, function, control and reporting when taking training over the web.

Unlike other "page-turner" web-based training programs, ASIST provides...
  • Full-motion video - choose from two bandwidth options.
  • Powerful learner controls and interrupts - gives students control over the pace and direction of the training. Controls include: skip forward, skip backward, reverse play, fast forward, glossary, and a video topical index.
  • Narrated questions - the system highlights the words as it reads them to help students with poor reading skills.
  • Narrated interactions and real practice activities - students participate in practice activitities and even simulations to get them involved in the learning and give them practice with their newly acquired skills.
Interactions & Practice Activities Interactions and
practice activities


Web-based training that features:

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