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1. We will perform in an equitable manner and in accordance with laws, regulations, and individual organization standards.

2. All information, including statistics, and personal ideas are held in strict confidence.

3. We will refrain from behaving in a manner that will adversely affect your oganization or ALPS.

4. We will avoid situations which could be construed as a conflict of interest.

5. We will not accept favorable treatment or other rewards which could affect our ability to be objective.

Request for Quote for Workers' Compensation Services

Please use the form below or give us a call to request any or all of our Workers' Compensation Management Services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please be assured that your information, including your email address will never be shared or communicated to another company or outside entity.

Questionnaire to Obtain a Quote

Please answer the questions below so that we will have information to create your quote.

  1. Do you have multiple locations that need to be served?
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  2. Please provide the number of medical only claims,

    and lost time claims you had in the last year.
    If you wish, you may provide a printout of your claims by email or fax.

  3. We use qualified licensed attorneys who specialize in workers' compensation. Please state the number of hearings you had last year,

    and indicate whether or not you will want legal representation at your hearings?
    Yes   No

  4. We recommend a comprehensive file review/strategy meeting should take place at least once a year. Would you prefer this type of meeting more frequently?
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    If so, how many?

  5. Are you seeking the establishment of a return-to-work, transitional work or drug-free workplace program?
    Yes   No

    If so, please specify.

  6. We can identify and pursue negligent third parties. Would you like us to pursue subrogation recovery?
    Yes   No

  7. We can audit medical bills for accuracy, relationship to claim and medical necessity. How many medical bills are processed yearly?

  8. Case management contains costs by eliminating or reducing utilization of resources. Would you prefer to use case management on your claims?
    Yes   No

    If so, approximately how many claims yearly would qualify for case management?
  9. A managed care review ensures that only appropriate and necessary care is delivered in the most appropriate setting by qualified professionals. Would you prefer to use managed care reviews?
    Yes   No

    If so, approximately how many reviews would be needed a year?

  10. If you are seeking any of our other services, please list those here:

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