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1. We will perform in an equitable manner and in accordance with laws, regulations, and individual organization standards.

2. All information, including statistics, and personal ideas are held in strict confidence.

3. We will refrain from behaving in a manner that will adversely affect your oganization or ALPS.

4. We will avoid situations which could be construed as a conflict of interest.

5. We will not accept favorable treatment or other rewards which could affect our ability to be objective.

Medical Quality & Cost Control

Are Your Profits Being Threatened?

While not all business costs can be contained, your organization’s medical costs can be. With medical costs on the rise, over utilization of medical services, and legislation constantly changing, you need an edge. By outsourcing services for medical cost control, you can create an effective plan to manage the costs of health care.

How Can ALPS Make a Difference for Your Organization?

Our full range of medical utilization and cost control methods provide comprehensive health care management. ALPS’ cost control methods are offered to all clients as a complete package, however, any one or any number of these services can be unbundled to meet specific needs. This customer-focused flexibility is one of the key benefits and competitive advantages of ALPS Services.

Over 20 Years Experience Monitoring Medical Quality & Cost

ALPS knows that you don’t have the time to monitor your health care program. With ALPS you can be assured that all aspects of patient cost control will be managed by ALPS highly skilled professional staff. Our personnel represents a wide range of medical disciplines and employ ALPS medical utilization and managed care cost control methods pleasantly, friendly, and fairly. By outsourcing services for cost control you are employing the best staff without the overhead.
ALPS working for you
  • Controlling Heath Care Costs
  • Ensuring Quality of Care
  • Providing Physician Peer Review
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